Figarc Lite


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Figarc Lite
Excellent choice to explore Figarc, without the fancy stuff.

  • 100+ fixtures

  • 250+ furniture pieces

  • Whiteprint and Blueprint themes

  • 5,000 end products for sale

  • Single person license

  • Commercial license

Now, you can apply your Figma superpowers to something you always wanted — designing homes and offices. Why wrestle learning Autocad or Archicad when you can play an architect in your favorite software?

1. Drag-drop furniture pieces as Figma components

You‘ll find them waiting for you in your Assets panel once you import the Figarc library. They are categorized per room type, so you can focus on designing one area at a time. Make your architect proud.

2. Unlock hidden details with component overrides

From simple furniture variants such as size, type, and orientation to complex and creative details such as food served on a dining table, lazy cats on a sofa, and much much more. Oh, the enjoyment you‘ll get.

3. Pick your favorite theme via variable modes

Equipped with two types of visual styles. From typical architectural whiteprint theme to an inverted blueprint theme.

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